2024 2-Person Best Ball League

Get ready for an exhilarating day on the greens with our exclusive 2-Person Best Ball golf bracket, reserved for members only! Partner up and prepare to demonstrate your skills in thrilling match play. With every swing, immerse yourself in the excitement of competition as you aim for victory side by side. Whether you’re strategizing on the fairway or sinking putts on the green, anticipate camaraderie and friendly rivalry at every twist and turn. Seize the opportunity to be part of an unforgettable league of golfing excellence, vying for the title of the ultimate dynamic duo on the course! Register now to kick off the games!

Navigate your way through the bracket, featuring men’s and ladies’ divisions. The men’s division will tackle 18 holes from the white/blue tees, while the ladies’ division will conquer 9 holes from the red tees.

Register before June 15th in the pro shop to secure your spot!

Members only event

Register in the pro shop!