Pro-Am Challenge

The Open Championship is coming up and we are holding our own contest at Caribou Country Club.

Stop by on July 22nd and July 23rd to play a round of golf and combine your score with one of your favorite pros!

Everyone is welcomed to join! Women, juniors, and men are invited to our contest despite the The Open Championship being a men’s tournament.


How it works:

  1. Stop by the pro shop to draw a name from the players participating in the Open Championship

  2. Pay the entry fee to our contest
  3. We will combine your net 18 hole score to the pro you are “partnered” with for the lowest score to be compared against other entries
  4. Your “partner’s” score will be taken from Sunday but you can participate either Saturday or Sunday
  5. Best score at the end of July 23rd wins!

Pricing: $10 per entry

If you would like a second entry, you will have to pay another $10


The winner will receive half of the entry fees so the more entries received, the more you can win!